Energy Saving Top Tips

teenagerEnergy Saving Tips at Home

How to be Earth-friendly in Your Own Small Ways

Going green is the in thing. More and more people have discovered the logic of natural and organic food, healthy lifestyle and caring for the environment. This is not only a concern of school kids as you help them with their science projects. It is everyone’s concern, that is, if you truly care about the future.

There’s no denying that global warming is happening. Climate change deniers are saying these are exaggerated claims of some scientists. But with the number of storms and heat waves happening in various places on earth, we can truly say that climate has gone awry. Experts say there is no reversing the effects of climate change. However, the good news is we can still do something to mitigate its effects. It can start at home by our saving energy consumption.

For example, it is advised to use Compact Flourescent (CFC) bulbs for your lighting needs. Instead of using non-CFC bulbs, you can save 25% on your energy consumption if you follow this advice. When lights are not in use, it is best to turn them off. Make sure that lights in the comfort rooms, bedrooms and kids’ rooms are turned-off and not forgotten. This goes the same for unused appliances. They need to be turned-off and unplugged from the sockets to avoid what is called “phantom energy use” – where power is still circulating if the gadgets are not in use.

For desktops, turn-off the monitor when having a break from work. Use an Auto Voltage Regulator and Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) to save your data in case of sudden power loss. To conserve energy, buy appliances with Energy Star label. These are said to save more energy than those without such labels. When doing housework like laundry, use cold water instead of using the heater. You can air dry clothes if you have the space at home to hang them. The same applies to dishwashers. Instead of using the drying cycle, air dry them.

To conserve energy from heaters and air conditioning units, buy those units with remote controlled or programmable temperatures. Adjust your room temperature to the desired level, dropping the level from dawn to morning or using fans instead of super cool levels. Check your rooms and the house for leaks, cracks and holes to avoid energy waste when using heating or cooling systems. For the entire family, make it a habit to switch-off gadgets like mobile phones, WiFis and similar stuff at least during week-ends.

Energy conservation is not only good for Mother Earth. It is also advantageous to your budget. Most households are reeling from the costs of their monthly bills. By teaching the kids and other members of the household to observe these simple tips, your energy consumption can be reduced to as low as 30%. Ensure that your mate and kids understand what these simple changes in your lifestyle implies. The returns from these simple shifts in behavior does not only mean more savings, it will also have profound effects on the environment. You need not be bearing a placard that shouts “Save the Planet.” The public need not know you are actually walking what they are talking.

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