Eco Friendly Tips

ecofriendly1Eco Friendly Tips – Go Green

In this day and age, being Environment friendly is a must thing to do. The goal is to inflict minimal harm upon our environment and eco systems. Going green isn’t as hard as it may seem at first. As with everything else, when it comes to making your home, workplace or even your habits eco friendly, all that it takes to make a permanent change is taking lots of small steps. This is an easy to follow guide which contains some inexpensive, but significant eco friendly tips.

First, here is something most people are already doing, but is definitely worth mentioning. Cancel your newspaper subscription and stop buying newspapers, instead read your news online. If you do have some magazines in your home, don’t throw them away-pass them (many charities will accept).

Avoid creating too much trash. Avoid creating trash however and wherever you can. Try to buy products with the least amount of packaging and when ordering food, avoid plastic utensils and such. When shopping, avoid plastic bags and bring your own (not made of plastic, off course!).

If you want to save money and reduce postage cost or reduce paper usage, you can pay your bills online. It’s easier, cheaper, eco friendly and you can do it from home.

When your computer goes to sleep, it doesn’t mean it isn’t sucking up energy. Instead of leaving it in sleep or stand by mode during the nigh, turn it off completely. You can do this at your home and workplace too.

Among these eco friendly tips, an important one will also do good for your finances in the long run. Install a better showerhead, in that way you can reduce water heating costs, save water and update your shower.

Take care of water consumption. When ever you turn on a water facet, try to use the lowest amount of pressure necessary, which means you should only keep water turned on when you actually need it.

Invest in renewable energy. It’s the same as investing in an apartment or an office building, since you don’t have to pay for renting energy from an utility, instead you can invest in solar panels (which can produce energy for up to 50 years) or wind power.

Restoration. Take your friends with you, spend a fun day outdoors and clean up your local beach or park or you can go even further and plant or maintain trees.

When washing your clothes in the washing machine, instead of using warm water use cold water. It has the same effect, but saves major costs involved in heating the water. You can also consider using the Magnetic Laundry System, which you can find here:┬áIt composes of two simple magnets, which you place in your washing machine and wash without detergent of course! It’s scientifically proven to work and the technology is patented too.

Replace light bulbs. By doing this, you will save money and also be eco friendly, just replace your regular light bulbs with CFL’s, you will use 60 percent less energy.

Another tip, not many people would think of is bringing your own coffee mug to a coffee shop. Not only will you be eco friendly, you will also save money, since many coffee shops give discounts if you use your own mug.

And last, but not least, take it one day at a time, do as many small steps as you can and make a change.