About Us

You may not be fully aware of it but everything you do affects the environment in one way or another. From the ways you cook your food to the clothes you buy and wear, every single one of these has an ecological impact. I know because I currently live my life trying to be as friendly as possible to the environment.

Whenever I make a decision, I always see to it that I take into account the possible effects to the environment. For instance, purchasing my daily needs from a grocery store has the added aspect of requesting the clerk to use a paper bag instead of a plastic one. It’s often not easy to stick to an eco-friendly existence but it’s possible and very fulfilling. There’s the encouraging feeling of living a healthy lifestyle, all the while helping the environment heal itself.

For years, I’ve lived my life with the goal of living in harmony with nature. That is to nurture and protect it in every way possible. There are dozens of ways on how I am able to do this. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve learned to shop for groceries requesting that the items I bought be wrapped in paper bag instead of non-biodegradable materials like plastic.

It’s no secret that plastics are among the top pollutants in the world. It takes dozens if not hundreds of years for them to break down so they easily accumulate and significantly add to environmental woes. By shopping using bags made from paper and other biodegradable materials, I don’t have to worry about causing more pollution for this planet. Paper bags easily break down. They don’t pose much threat to ecological balance in nature. Furthermore, as a self-proclaimed eco-warrior, I also see to it that I consume energy as responsibly as I can.

The number one pollutant in the world is carbon dioxide. The earth’s ozone layer has been compromised because of the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. With that said, I’ve made it my mission to minimize my carbon footprint in any way I can. I wish that when I leave this world, the pollutants I’ve left are in the least amounts. Being eco-friendly means taking up drastic measures to protect and preserve if not to improve the current state of the environment. It also means joining fellow eco-warriors from around the world in the fight for a better and cleaner planet.

With this blog, it’s my wish to connect with people out there who are looking for ways on how to live a life that is geared towards preserving and healing the environment. As an eco-warrior, it’s my responsibility to spread ideas, concepts, and life tips that support the environment. These include living a healthier life, consuming organic foods, lessening our carbon footprints, transitioning to natural energy sources like solar energy, and supporting environmental causes. I was able to improve my own life by following an eco-friendly lifestyle.

And it’s my ultimate goal to help others achieve the same thing. I’m inviting you to join me in this journey for a better life, a better planet and a better future.