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Products to Help You Quit Smoking

The health risks associated with smoking cigarettes have been well discussed in modern culture for more than two decades. However, many people still find themselves caught up in cigarette addiction. If you are among those people, there is hope. Several products are available on the market to help you break your addiction.

One of the easiest to use products is the nicotine patch. You simply put a new patch on at the same time each day and your body receives a small, continual dose of nicotine. The patches are available in a variety of strengths, so you can gradually cut your consumption down. While using the patch, you can accustom yourself to other activities during the times you normally smoke. For example, you can practice stretching on your work breaks. After meals, you may take a walk. The nicotine in the patch will allow you the time to learn new routines without the uncomfortable physical withdrawal from nicotine.

Another product that many have found beneficial is nicotine gum. Whenever a person is craving a cigarette, they can chew a piece of this instead. You may find this an easier step to use when quitting the smoking habit. Because you get the nicotine exactly when you are craving it, you have greater control over how much you have. Like the patches, it also comes in a variety of strengths. The gums have the added benefit of availability in menthol and other flavors. This can be advantageous to a menthol smoker.

Similar to the gum is nicotine lozenges. If you are craving a cigarette, simply suck on a lozenge to get your nicotine and satisfy your craving. These may be a more appropriate option than gum in certain social and professional situations.

One of the latest products to hit the market is the electronic cigarette. These are available in a variety of strengths and flavors. Additionally, you can choose between disposable and refillable options. The product looks similar to a traditional cigarette and is handled in the same manner. However, instead of lighting up one end, you will simply take a draw from the end that looks like a filter. Inside of the electronic cigarette is a small vial of liquified nicotine. There is also a small battery. When you inhale on the mouthpiece, the battery works to vaporize a small amount of the nicotine. This is what you inhale. Once the vial is empty in a disposable, you simply throw it away. On the reusable models, you can replace the cartridge and recharge the batteries. If you are serious about this method, reusable models are the most financially sound choice.

One of the healthiest and easiest ways to quit smoking is the all herbal stop smoking program called SmokeRx. It has helped thousands of people quit the habit and the unique thing about it is that it has a guarantee. If you don’t quit in 7 days, you have 30 days to get back your money. How many other quit smoking products, like nicotine patches or nicotine gums will give you that? NONE!

Giving up addiction to cigarette smoking is a challenge that can be simplified through the use of nicotine aids. Now that you know the options available to you, decide which one will be the most appropriate for you and your lifestyle. Then, you can be on the path to becoming a non-smoker. You will be pleased you did.

What Does Eco-Friendly Mean

mainimgWhat Does Eco-Friendly Mean in Today’s World

You might have noticed that terms like going green, green living are creating quite a buzz in advertisements, product packaging, talk shows, and slogans and in many more fields. In today’s world what does eco-friendly mean? Why is it considered as vital current topic?

Therefore, these terms are used so widely that now the true meaning of the word green is in danger of being lost. However, by understanding the actual meaning of going green, you can execute some practices that in return will help you to lead a healthier life not only for yourself but also for other inhabitants of the planet from small to big ones.

Definition Of Eco-Friendly

You can describe the terms like environmental friendly, go green and other similar terms in the same way. The actual meaning of this word is close to earth or not harmful to the surrounding environment. Therefore, when you decide to be love green, it denotes that you are opting for a lifestyle which holds objectives, ideas, and actions that are good for the surrounding environment, plant and living being’s life. Moreover, the biodegradable term is mostly used for the product that help to maintain green living by conserving nature resources like water and energy and for preventing environmental pollution.

Ecological Practices And Activities

You can choose to develop ecological practices or habits for using less and make the most of what you already have. You can save the energy by turning off the lights in empty room and by using a programmable thermostat. Therefore, you will be able to use heating or cooling process in your room only when it is occupied. Business people can also introduce or set up such environmental friendly practices to let people know about what eco-friendly mean in does today’s world.

Therefore, green activities includes certain habits like gardening, composting, recycling, car pooling, line drying your wash, saving electricity and water, purchasing green products and more. One needs to remember that each little effort counts. Therefore, you can even go for walking or biking to your destination if you are not up to car-pooling.

All About Recyclable Products

Eco-friendly products help to keep the environment and its inhabitants safe and secured. Green products refer to something that is non-toxic. For instance, organic products are grown without using toxic pesticides and herbicides, biodegradable products are break down through natural decomposition that is less tough in landfills and the entire ecosystem and the products made of recycled materials including glass, metal, wood, plastic refined from waste products for producing something brand new.

Why Are People Being So Concerned About Eco-Friendliness?

You might have noticed drastically changes around all over the world due to environmental pollution and green house effects. The entire flora and fauna or ecological system is at stake for lack of the concern about environment earlier. You can see it everywhere that oceanic dead zones, radical climate change, vanishing species, undrinkable water, unbreatheable air, collapsing fisheries, deforestation, toxic mother’s milk, dying crops, water scarcity, sudden flood, drought and earthquake and more.

In today’s world, it lies under the approach of all people towards their lifestyle. All people need to be careful that the arrival of advance technologies should not create harm to our planet and its inhabitants. An individual must try to create a better world for future generation by leading eco-friendly living.

Save Money On Laundry Detergent AND Save The Planet

savemoneyMake Your Own Natural and Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent

If you’ve recently decided to live a healthier, ethical, and earth-friendly lifestyle, then creating your own laundry soap is an easy and natural transition to make. Aside from withdrawing your support for big companies that use toxic chemicals, you save money on laundry detergent and save the planet at the same time.

Why Borax And The Leading Brand Of Baking Soda Is Not Good For You

There are many ways to make your own eco-friendly laundry detergent.

However, a lot of other sites have recipes involving Borax. Borax is not as green as we expect it to be. Studies show that borax is linked to hormone disruption for both men and women. Also most recipes include using the Arm and Hammer brand of washing soda. Arm and Hammer is still highly involved with cruel animal testing on cats, dogs, rabbits, and monkeys. They are far from being ethical and eco-friendly.

You can get baking soda from your smaller, local supplier and make your own washing soda. Washing soda is just baking soda with more water and carbon dioxide. Grab a baking pan and sprinkle as much baking soda as you want. Heat the oven to about 400 F and bake for an hour until it changes in consistency. Baking soda is powdery and as opposed to washing soda which is grainy. Stir it occasionally to bake evenly.

Making Your Own Laundry Detergent

For this recipe, you will only need three ingredients: an olive oil or coconut oil based soap, your homemade washing soda, and your preferred essential oil. Lavender, vanilla, and lemon essential oils will work well on this recipe.

1.    Have five bars of your chosen soap ready. You can opt to grate the soaps by hand or chop them up into smaller pieces and throw them in the food processor. Grate or blend the soap until you get some sort of a fine powder.

2. Mix in about six to seven cups of your homemade washing soda with your now powdered soap, blitz everything in your food processor, and you’re done!

3. Keep a dropper and container of your favorite essential near your homemade powder and use about 6 drops per load. You can use less drops or more depending how strong you like your laundry scent to be.

If you need it to be a little bit tougher on grease, blood, and wine stains, you can add about one fourth of a cup of sea salt to your load. If you live in a high moisture area, this recipe might tend to clump. You will need a desiccant to help absorb the extra water to keep your the powder from clumping.

For Your Desiccant

Grab a piece of bentonite clay and throw it in a clean, old stocking. Tie a knot in the stocking to keep the clay in place. Finally, stick your desiccant together in your container.
Make bigger batches at one go so you’ll always have some in stock even when you feel lazy. Stop buying from big chemical companies. Remember: you save money on laundry detergent and save the planet.

If you cannot be bothered to make your own laundry detergent, then why not consider buying the patented magnetic laundry detergent alternative. It is absolutely revolutionary and will save you a fortune in detergent expenses. You could save thousands of dollars over the year!

Energy Saving Top Tips

teenagerEnergy Saving Tips at Home

How to be Earth-friendly in Your Own Small Ways

Going green is the in thing. More and more people have discovered the logic of natural and organic food, healthy lifestyle and caring for the environment. This is not only a concern of school kids as you help them with their science projects. It is everyone’s concern, that is, if you truly care about the future.

There’s no denying that global warming is happening. Climate change deniers are saying these are exaggerated claims of some scientists. But with the number of storms and heat waves happening in various places on earth, we can truly say that climate has gone awry. Experts say there is no reversing the effects of climate change. However, the good news is we can still do something to mitigate its effects. It can start at home by our saving energy consumption.

For example, it is advised to use Compact Flourescent (CFC) bulbs for your lighting needs. Instead of using non-CFC bulbs, you can save 25% on your energy consumption if you follow this advice. When lights are not in use, it is best to turn them off. Make sure that lights in the comfort rooms, bedrooms and kids’ rooms are turned-off and not forgotten. This goes the same for unused appliances. They need to be turned-off and unplugged from the sockets to avoid what is called “phantom energy use” – where power is still circulating if the gadgets are not in use.

For desktops, turn-off the monitor when having a break from work. Use an Auto Voltage Regulator and Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) to save your data in case of sudden power loss. To conserve energy, buy appliances with Energy Star label. These are said to save more energy than those without such labels. When doing housework like laundry, use cold water instead of using the heater. You can air dry clothes if you have the space at home to hang them. The same applies to dishwashers. Instead of using the drying cycle, air dry them.

To conserve energy from heaters and air conditioning units, buy those units with remote controlled or programmable temperatures. Adjust your room temperature to the desired level, dropping the level from dawn to morning or using fans instead of super cool levels. Check your rooms and the house for leaks, cracks and holes to avoid energy waste when using heating or cooling systems. For the entire family, make it a habit to switch-off gadgets like mobile phones, WiFis and similar stuff at least during week-ends.

Energy conservation is not only good for Mother Earth. It is also advantageous to your budget. Most households are reeling from the costs of their monthly bills. By teaching the kids and other members of the household to observe these simple tips, your energy consumption can be reduced to as low as 30%. Ensure that your mate and kids understand what these simple changes in your lifestyle implies. The returns from these simple shifts in behavior does not only mean more savings, it will also have profound effects on the environment. You need not be bearing a placard that shouts “Save the Planet.” The public need not know you are actually walking what they are talking.

Look at the picture above. Imagine all that detergent and all those chemicals in your clothes and also in the waste water supply when it leaves your washing machine! Don’t you wish there was a better way? Well there is. It is the patented magnetic laundry detergent alternative called the Magnetic Laundry System. It has a lifetime guarantee and 30 day money back guarantee in case you don’t like it for any reason. Thousands of these gems have been sold, with few, if any refunds. All you do is place the two magnets in your washing machine and wash away, without any detergent of course! The results are amazing!

Eco Friendly Tips

ecofriendly1Eco Friendly Tips – Go Green

In this day and age, being Environment friendly is a must thing to do. The goal is to inflict minimal harm upon our environment and eco systems. Going green isn’t as hard as it may seem at first. As with everything else, when it comes to making your home, workplace or even your habits eco friendly, all that it takes to make a permanent change is taking lots of small steps. This is an easy to follow guide which contains some inexpensive, but significant eco friendly tips.

First, here is something most people are already doing, but is definitely worth mentioning. Cancel your newspaper subscription and stop buying newspapers, instead read your news online. If you do have some magazines in your home, don’t throw them away-pass them (many charities will accept).

Avoid creating too much trash. Avoid creating trash however and wherever you can. Try to buy products with the least amount of packaging and when ordering food, avoid plastic utensils and such. When shopping, avoid plastic bags and bring your own (not made of plastic, off course!).

If you want to save money and reduce postage cost or reduce paper usage, you can pay your bills online. It’s easier, cheaper, eco friendly and you can do it from home.

When your computer goes to sleep, it doesn’t mean it isn’t sucking up energy. Instead of leaving it in sleep or stand by mode during the nigh, turn it off completely. You can do this at your home and workplace too.

Among these eco friendly tips, an important one will also do good for your finances in the long run. Install a better showerhead, in that way you can reduce water heating costs, save water and update your shower.

Take care of water consumption. When ever you turn on a water facet, try to use the lowest amount of pressure necessary, which means you should only keep water turned on when you actually need it.

Invest in renewable energy. It’s the same as investing in an apartment or an office building, since you don’t have to pay for renting energy from an utility, instead you can invest in solar panels (which can produce energy for up to 50 years) or wind power.

Restoration. Take your friends with you, spend a fun day outdoors and clean up your local beach or park or you can go even further and plant or maintain trees.

When washing your clothes in the washing machine, instead of using warm water use cold water. It has the same effect, but saves major costs involved in heating the water. You can also consider using the Magnetic Laundry System, which you can find here: It composes of two simple magnets, which you place in your washing machine and wash without detergent of course! It’s scientifically proven to work and the technology is patented too.

Replace light bulbs. By doing this, you will save money and also be eco friendly, just replace your regular light bulbs with CFL’s, you will use 60 percent less energy.

Another tip, not many people would think of is bringing your own coffee mug to a coffee shop. Not only will you be eco friendly, you will also save money, since many coffee shops give discounts if you use your own mug.

And last, but not least, take it one day at a time, do as many small steps as you can and make a change.

A Few Techniques Used To Quit Smoking

A Few Techniques Used to Quit Smoking

Are you one among millions of smokers who is interested in kicking the habit for good? You should know that there is hope out there. Medical, scientific, and technological breakthroughs are occurring every day that are geared towards curbing and eliminating nicotine addictions. If you’re willing to take the leap and finally quit smoking, then you may be able to find a quit smoking product on the market that is perfect for you. Whether its quit smoking pills or electronic cigarettes, there is such a variety of products available that is likely you’ll find something helpful. Below are some of the most helpful products when it comes to quitting smoking for good.

1. Quit smoking pills

Quit smoking pills aren’t anything new, but they are getting better and more effective. Today, millions of people rely on quit smoking pills, such as Chantix, to help them reduce their craving for nicotine. Many of these pills are shown to have a significant impact in patients. However, not everyone is healthy enough for Chantix or other quit smoking pills. This is something that you should sit down and discuss with your doctor at length before beginning. Your doctor will know of any potential health risks or complications that prevent you from taking these pills.

2. Electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have proven to be one of the most helpful quit smoking products on the market. All other products have one common flaw, you miss the look and feel of holding a cigarette. E-cigs handle this problem by providing you with a plastic or metallic cigarette that produces water vapor, which emulates cigarette smoke. This water vapor often contains some dose of nicotine. So, why you’re still consuming the nicotine to help fight the urge, you’re actually not smoking a real cigarette. There are none of the unhealthy side effects associated with tobacco smoke. The water vapor does not have to contain nicotine.

3 Nicotine patch

The nicotine patch has been around for decades and helped millions of people quit smoking. It’s very simple, but only available by prescription from a doctor. The patch delivers nicotine directly into the bloodstream, which removes the craving for nicotine and the need to smoke. If you start chewing gum as you apply the nicotine patch you won’t crave the cigarette as much either. Speak with your doctor about the nicotine patch and whether it’s right for you. People with certain heart problems may not be eligible for the nicotine patch.

4. Nicotine gum

This is a nifty little trick that can help fight cravings or kick the habit all together. There is only one real problem with nicotine gum and that’s the speed with which the nicotine reaches your bloodstream. It takes a lot longer than if you were just smoking a cigarette or an e-cig. This makes it hard to fight sudden cravings. Try combining the gum with an electronic cigarette to reduce the cravings and handle sudden urges when they occur.

One of these techniques may help you quit smoking.

The Importance Of Saving Energy

saveplanetEnergy Saving: Why?

Many resources in this world are limited. There is a finite quantity of fossil fuels, of precious metals, of money from the weekly pay-cheque. As humans, we have an innate understanding of the limits of these commodities, but what of less tangible resources? What of energy?

Of course we understand what it means to run out of energy. Everybody has experience of getting tired at the end of the day, but “common sense” would suggest that energy is not a resource that would disappear entirely. We replenish it in our own bodies with food and sleep, and now even recharge the batteries on a variety of electronic gadgets. Science now tells us that energy cannot be created, that it too is finite, and there has been no new energy in the universe since the Big Bang. However, the amount of energy is so vast that by comparison, our own meagre use seems beyond insignificant.

If that is the case, then what is the importance of saving energy?

Environmental Reasons:

The fact is, while our planet is but a small world in an outer corner of an ordinary galaxy, it is also – so far – the only home we have. In addition, we have not yet developed the technology that would allow us to take resources from elsewhere. You have doubtless heard this many times before, just as I have, but it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves. Energy use contributes to the level of carbon emissions, which in turn are significant contributors to global warming. The potential effects of global warming are well known: rising sea levels, increased frequency of storm activity, and melting of the polar ice-caps are often cited as examples.

The Guardian recently reported that existing droughts would intensify with rising global temperatures. With almost half the population living within 200 kilometres of at least one coastline, the potential human cost of rising sea levels is clear.

Artificial methods of producing energy include hydroelectric, nuclear, coal, solar, and wind. Coal-based production produces close to 1000 grams of carbon dioxide per kWh. The CO2 emissions of so-called “clean energy” power stations are many times smaller, but even hydroelectric, solar, and wind energy includes some CO2 byproduct. The consumption of water in turbine-based hydroelectric stations can be as high as one litre per kWh.

The effect of global warming and pollution on public health – particularly a rise in respiratory ailments – is particularly prevalent among children, the elderly, and people in developing countries. In addition, the destructive effects of global warming and pollution on wilderness habitats are likely to prove disastrous for many threatened species.

Saving Energy is Saving Money:

Energy efficient technology costs more to produce, and therefore naturally more to purchase. However, the long term running costs of an energy efficient car or light-bulb are ultimately cheaper. Simple energy-saving methods of light and heating – such as installing a sunlight in the roof of one’s home or insulation in the walls – have little to no subsequent running costs for the home-owner. With the rising cost of fossil fuels and unemployment levels rising around the world, efficient use of energy can help us all to save cash from those valuable pay-cheques, and improve our quality of life.

Fifty ways to help the planet. Check them out!

Are You Eco Friendly – How Can You Help To Save The Planet

machineAre You Eco Friendly – How Can You Help To Save The Planet

Ecosystems take several thousands of years to evolve. Each such ecosystem is again a small but crucial link in a larger ecosystem chain comprised both of plants and animals. Because of such interlinking, we humans have not realized the actual damage we’ve done to nature over the years. Nature always has spare hands to take over in any crisis.

For example, if population of bee decreases, there may be wasps, butterflies, and even birds that take over the function of pollination, but such standby systems eventually give way. We humans are now facing nature’s fury because of years of neglect and greed. It is time each one of us contributed in some way to restore the balance. So how do you help to save the planet and its ecology? The quest begins with the question “Are you eco friendly – how can you help to save the planet”.

Avoid What Harms Nature

Our planet is averse to

a. Chemicals in the environment

We use them in fertilizers, aerosols, pesticides, cosmetics, mosquito repellants, and even industries that make fabrics like nylon and polyester. People would argue how we can stop using pesticides and fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers increase the quantity of produce, but with each passing year, the farmer has to marginally increase the quantity of fertilizer needed for producing the same quantity of food.

This happens because friendly microbes in soil die due to concentrated chemical fertilizers and insecticides used in farms. Such chemicals may also be the reason for alarming decrease in the number of bees and butterflies across the world. Perhaps, we need to return to age old methods of using composts which not only give us nature friendly fertilizers, but also keep the soil’s quality intact.

b. Electro-magnetic waves and sound waves

While studies have not clearly established the link between electro-magnetic waves and bird populations, most people would agree that the number of birds they saw when they were young has come down drastically. Perhaps it means we need to talk less on phones, and have fewer towers that link our cellular phones.

c. Radiations and emissions

We do use a lot of materials that cause harmful radiations and emissions. These cause mutations, in plants as well as animals. Such mutations are subtle, and the impact of these can only be realized a few decades down the lane. Countries develop nuclear arms and test them under the sea. People forget that eventually they might eat seafood that has been subjected to radiation and that food can harm them or their loved ones.

There are smaller ecologies there which may be important in food chains of edible fishes and other crustaceans. By destroying their favorite food, we indirectly hurt ourselves. After all, such destruction of food chain means the numbers of fish will go down. We may even prompt some of the sea animals that normally do not eat fish eaten by humans to start eating them, effectively disturbing our own food chains. Therefore, we need to protest against such explosions and experiments.

d. Excessive burning of fossil fuels resulting in emission of green house gases

It is hard to understand why people do not object to sports such as motorcycle and car races even after knowing about harmful emissions from vehicles. Governments should also be improving public transport systems instead of encouraging people to travel in their cars. But there are other ways of wasting energy as well. Instead of building environmentally suitable structures, people are opting for contemporary materials to churn out stylish buildings, which undoubtedly look good, but may not always be energy efficient.

This means people have wrong priorities. They compromise on necessity in favor of looks. We can prompt governments to increase the number of buses and frequency of such buses and reduce the vehicular traffic also in the process.

Likewise, we need a policy on energy efficient buildings so that fewer air conditioners or heating units are required if at all. Reducing thermal power and opting for renewable energy sources might help. Likewise, opting for LED lighting and other energy efficient machines can help to slow down the need for power.

e. Constructions without considering nature

Man’s fascination to build has been there since ancient times. However, skyscrapers and paved roads do not leave enough room for water to seep into soil. Water drains take away the water to an alternative location. This results in death of soil, meaning death of life forms in the soil. People are also forced to use alternate methods of bringing water back to such places.

Buildings and designs of the past were more nature friendly than those of recent times. They used wells instead. People can use their roofs to grow plants, but don’t. Perhaps governments can be persuaded to encourage people to have flowers on roofs so that butterflies and bees thrive once again and lands used to grow flowers for commercial purposes can be partly utilized to grow food.

f. Ostentatious spending

A lot of spending on what we feel is necessary, but if we really sit down to think, we realize it is not, needs to be avoided. Invariably such functions involve traveling and therefore, burning of fossil fuels, and resultant green house gas emissions. People spend on decorations and objects, each of which may have guzzled up some energy.

Flowers are victims at functions such as weddings and funerals apart from birthdays, marriage anniversaries, baby showers, etc. People do need to realize that it is those flowers that are necessary for bees and butterflies. When things can be said with words, they do not have to destroy an ecosystem for that, the repercussions of which will be seen in food production.

g. Wars and unrests

If only we could learn to be comfortable with each other, we might manage to bring down wars and uprisings, and all the chemical warfare as well as biochemical warfare.

h. Indiscriminate increase in population

It is difficult for the planet to establish system that generates adequate quantities of food at the rate at which people are increasing their numbers. Using genetically modified crops to increase food production may again be affecting populations of some of the human friendly microbes. Humans have to be housed and provided clothes. Then there is the question medicines and transport. Obviously, nature is put under stress by deforesting some area for housing and food production. If we could bring down numbers slowly and steadily, we might be able to give nature a chance to re-grow some of the beneficial ecosystems.


There are no easy solutions. In the past environmentalists have issued warnings, but their warnings have always been ignored. By identifying what harms our planet, we can try to do something that doesn’t harm it or something that undoes that harm. We have exploited this planet for several hundreds of years. We also live in computer age when we get our results very fast. But our measures to restore our planet’s ecosystems will only be able to show us results at an extremely slow pace. We must be prepared for that, and not give up now that we have realized our folly